When the world adapts to the new year, designers also embrace the new year. After so many years of unknowns, we began to see trends that brought us back to the comfortable past, while emphasizing a future-oriented user experience.

From working online to buying online to socializing online, people are interacting with the Internet more than ever before, and designers are embracing bold designs to push the boundaries of our shared experience.
Here are 11 excellent web design trends we will see in 2021:

Horizontal scrolling page layout
Custom cursor
3D objects
Excellent e-commerce experience
Thick visible grid lines
User preference options on the website (not only the app)
The transition from building a website to building a solution
Playful illustration
Font design, not just text
Geometric shapes as background elements
Joomla, as the preferred CMS for enterprise website construction, is becoming more and more popular